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Welcome to
Kings Education

Kings Education transforms lives. We empower international students to achieve their fullest ambitions — whether graduating from leading universities in the USA and UK or developing English skills for life.

At Kings Education, students always come first.

We create life-changing opportunities and life-enhancing experiences. We build friendly, supportive learning communities which are springboards to greater success.

Kings Education. Reach Higher.

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Welcome to
Kings Education

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University Pathways:
in the USA and UK

Kings Education® provides clear pathways to degree success at both the Undergraduate and Graduate level.

With Kings, you can set your sights higher than you thought possible.

We are committed to ensuring you achieve success at the best possible university in the UK or USA.
At Kings, you will not simply be coached for university entry. You will leave us fully equipped to excel throughout your degree and thrive within wider university life.

University Pathways in the USA

Undergraduate Pathways

On Campus Plus is our unique pathway to your dream university. It is available in the most popular international study destinations — California, New York, New Jersey and Boston. We also have a Pathway to the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

You can complete your degree in just four years, either staying at the same university throughout, or progressing on to a higher ranked university for graduation.

Graduate Pathways

If you have a first degree (or are in your third year) we can help you gain US Graduate entry. Our Graduate Preparation Program leads directly to one of our highly-ranked US university partners.

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University Preparation in the UK

Our UK university preparation programmes are recognised and accepted by all leading universities in the UK.

Whether you choose a national qualification such as A-level or a specialist Foundation, you will benefit from the perfect preparation for your undergraduate degree.

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The Best Study Locations:
USA and UK

Living and learning in a new city is one of life's great experiences.

Our schools are located in some of the world's most popular destinations for international study. They are popular for a reason. Each offers fantastic sightseeing, endless activities and a host of amenities.

Which will be your new home?


World-renowned for its universities, Boston is the ultimate student city. You'll discover a rich history, a thriving cafe culture and a wealth of green areas.

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Our brand new school opened in summer 2017. One of the UK's most unique and diverse cities, Brighton is a popular seaside resort, a well-known university destination, a new media hub and a thriving centre for the arts.

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Los Angeles

A city like no other, Los Angeles caters for all. Whether you're attracted by the endless sunshine and laid-back lifestyle, or the glitz and glamour of the Hollywood hills, it's a fantastic place to be.

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Renowned for its sandy coastline and relaxed pace of life, Bournemouth is both a beach resort and a university city. Entertainment options are varied and extensive, making it one of the UK's most popular destinations.

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New York

The newest addition to our list of destinations, New York doesn't need presenting. Our school is based on the campus of Concordia College, just outside Manhattan in prosperous Bronxville.

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As a modern and forward-thinking city, London is vibrant and fast-paced, yet still retains a great sense of history and tradition. Here, you can find something new to do every single day.

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With its historic buildings and beautiful parks, Oxford is one of England's most attractive cities. Its world-famous university puts students at the centre of Oxford life.

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English Language Courses:
in the USA and UK

Our students come to Kings for all kinds of diverse reasons. They come to us from all over the world and from many different backgrounds.

Each wants English to enhance their life and their opportunities — whether for a career, for further study or to become a better global citizen.

General English

We offer Intensive English, Compact English, the Diploma of English as well as Intensive 25+ for learners aged 25 and above. Depending on your abilities and the time you can dedicate to learning English, we will find the best study plan for you.

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English Plus

Our English Plus courses are ideal to contextualise your knowledge of the English language to other spheres of interest. 

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Exam preparation

We offer TOEFL iBT preparation in our US centres and IELTS preparation in the UK. Kings Oxford is the IELTS Test Centre for the region.

Across all UK locations, Boston and Los Angeles we offer the Cambridge English: Advanced and Cambridge English: First exams.

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English for University entry

If your reason for wanting to learn English is because you want to go to university in the UK or USA, aside from IELTS or TOEFL preparation, we offer the Undergraduate and Graduate Preparation Programs in the USA and Foundation courses in the UK.

Go to University Pathways

Vacation Courses for learners 16+

We offer Vacation courses for students aged 16+ across our USA locations. 

The timetable includes General English and leaves enough spare time to either take part in the full monthly calendar of activities and excursions organised by each school, or to do your own thing and explore the fantastic locations our school are based in.

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Vacation English for learners 3–17

For younger learners aged 3 to 17 we offer a range of Residential and Vacation Extra Summer Centres across the USA and UK. We do this through our sister company Kings Summer. 

2018 Kings Summer locations include Malibu, Los Angeles, Boston and New York in the USA; Cheltenham, Oxford, Bath, Brighton, London and Bournemouth in the UK.

Go to the Kings Summer website