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English Language

We have completely redeveloped ClassMate to deliver a dynamic supplementary learning experience which supports class-based learning. The system is designed to be equally useful for all students at Kings - whether they are following English language or academic courses. Students can access the system for the duration of their course – all completely free!

Learning information is more accessible and available

Young people access information regularly and easily from a variety of sources, and traditional methods are no longer the easiest. Classmate makes learning resources and school information much easier to access across a range of devices.

Engage with learning before, during and after lessons

Teachers can control the information a student can engage with, and make some or all of a lesson’s resource available ahead of time. A student can also review after delivery to increase the depth of learning.

Learn in a way which suits everyone’s preference and encourages independent learning

As learning resource is accessible at all times, students can learn at their own pace, and whenever suits them. As learning ‘pages’ are easy to navigate and interactive, students will be encouraged to investigate further as the experience is within their control. Learning becomes intrinsic.

Support different abilities

Students who may need extra support or time to begin the learning process can be given access to lesson information beforehand, making the experience of lessons less challenging.

Communicate with teachers more easily

Students will be able to communicate easily with teachers at any time during the learning process. If a homework task presents a challenge, they can communicate with a teacher – on some occasions in real time – to get further clarification or guidance Examples of student homework/tasks set and feedback.

Course plans and content available pre arrival

Kings course information can be centralised and available before students are in the UK. This enables pre-reading and course orientation to begin from the moment a course is booked.