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Exam English

Exam preparation programmes

At Kings, we offer preparation courses for a range of English language exams, focusing on both British and American English. You can prepare for the world-renowned Cambridge English B2 First (FCE) and Cambridge English C1 Advanced (CAE) exams, with 4- to 12-week courses at six of our locations in the UK and USA.

In the UK, we also offer extensive preparation for the IELTS exam, with Intensive and Super Intensive options in Oxford if you require more in-depth tuition. In the US, you can prepare for the TOEFL iBT exam, with an Intensive TOEFL option in Boston and Los Angeles (Hollywood).

Testing your English before you arrive

For all English language courses but especially for courses which are aimed at preparing you for a specific English language test, it is extremely important for us to know what your level of English is before you arrive.

Knowing how proficient you are will allow us to judge whether you can prepare for a specific exam in the timescale of a programme, or if you need additional tuition and time.

When we receive a booking for an English language course, as part of the admissions process we send the student a test.

We ask the student to do this on their own, as receiving help from someone else will only invalidate the test. We also test all students on the first day of their course and if their level of English does not correspond to that of the pre-arrival test, we will be forced to change study plan for the student, and in some cases send the student back to their country.

IELTS Testing Centre in Oxford

Kings has been running the IELTS Testing Centre in Oxford since 1996.

This means you can prepare and do the test with us.

For more information about the Testing Centre and to apply to sit the IELTS test see the IELTS Testing Centre page.