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English Language
Teaching and learning

The perfect learning environment

At Kings, we have years of experience in teaching English, which ensures we understand how to make your language learning experience as rewarding, enjoyable and successful as possible.

We are so confident of the quality of our teaching, and of the progress that you'll make, that we even offer a Learning Progress Guarantee.

Expert teaching

At Kings, we guarantee that all of our teachers have appropriate qualifications and experience. We also recognise the value of a varied learning experience, which is why you'll have at least two teachers during your course.

The modern learning methodology used by Kings' teachers ensures that classes are varied and dynamic, and that they include components such as role-plays, presentations and seminar discussions and debates.

Interactive learning technology

Across all Kings locations we make use of the fantastic learning technology that is now available. All colleges benefit from interactive whiteboards and video/audio resources to help keep lessons varied and interesting.

In addition, our colleges offer computer learning centres and free wifi, both of which provide essential internet access for learning and keeping in touch with friends and family.

Wide nationality mixes

At Kings, we welcome students from all corners of the world. In 2013, there were 86 different countries represented across our five locations. This means firstly that English must be spoken as the common language at all times, and secondly that our students have the opportunity to learn, live and socialise with friends from all over the world.

Supplementary online learning

The intensive support and personalised interaction with teachers is at the heart of the learning experience at Kings, but we know that with supplementary online learning resources, you can learn even more. 

When we talk about effective learning environments, we not only mean traditional classroom-based areas, but online learning environments too.

With ClassMate, our online supplementary teaching and learning zone, your learning and the contact you have with your teacher outside of class are extended. It offers both live teacher-led classes, and online guided learning sessions for you to in your own time.

Small class sizes

Small classes are a feature of all of our courses at Kings. We know that to make good progress you need plenty of individual support and attention from your teacher, which is far more achievable with small class sizes.

Learning Progress Guarantee

If you are studying an Intensive Course for 12 weeks or more we guarantee you will reach the level we have agreed with you. If you don’t, you can study for free until you do (providing you have attended all classes and completed all assignments).

We are so confident of the quality of our courses and teaching that we make this promise to you.