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Your quality guarantee

Accreditation and inspection by industry bodies

At Kings, it’s very important to us that our standards remain consistently high, which is why we choose to be accredited, and inspected, by various industry bodies and organisations in the UK and US.

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Kings Boston and Kings Los Angeles (Kings Colleges USA LLC) are accredited by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training.

For more information see our accreditation page.

Ofsted registered

Our UK Colleges are registered as independent schools with the UK Government Department for Education and inspected by the Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted).

Full reports can be viewed here.

Exam test centres

Our expertise in delivering IELTS and Cambridge English exam courses has enabled us to become official test centres for both IELTS and Cambridge English.

Kings Oxford is the IELTS Testing Centre for the Oxford region, and has been since 1996. We currently test around 3,000 candidates per year, a number that continues to grow.

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ESL School Group of the Year

ESL are one of the largest and most respected agencies for language courses in Europe.

Every year they nominate the best schools they work with. All awards are based on the feedback ESL get from their students and staff.

We were delighted to receive the most prestigious of the awards: School Group of the Year 2017. It is an important achievement as it based on the rating of all our schools. It makes us very proud.

ESL School of the Year award 2017