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Los Angeles (Marymount)

Marymount California University is where we deliver our On Campus Plus in California program.
It is a safe campus in the Palos Verdes hills, with amazing views of the Pacific Ocean and Catalina Island.

Nationality Breakdown

Courses available at Los Angeles (Marymount)

University Preparation

Accommodation options

Los Angeles (Marymount) students benefit from on-campus accommodation at Marymount California University.

Go to our Los Angeles (Marymount) accommodation page for pictures and details or click on the link below to open the Residential Accommodation factsheet:


The free Marymount shuttle bus takes students to the campuses and residences, as well as to local attractions and beaches.

Getting around Los Angeles is easy and convenient. For full information about the Metro, including maps, timetables and tips on getting around the city, have a look at the Los Angeles Metro website.

Medical care

If you feel ill at any time during your stay at Kings Los Angeles (Marymount), you should first tell a member of staff. We will be able to help you to see a doctor if needed. 

At Marymount, there is an infirmary that always has a nurse present to immediately provide assistance, and refer you to a specialist if necessary.

Above all, you should make sure you have full Kings medical insurance during your time in the USA.