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Los Angeles (Hollywood)

A city like no other, Los Angeles caters for all.
Whether you're attracted by the endless sunshine and laid-back lifestyle,
or the glitz and glamour of the Hollywood hills, it's a fantastic place to be.

Nationality Breakdown

Accommodation options

Students at Los Angeles (Hollywood) can choose from a range of accommodation options. Click on the links below to open Residential Accommodation factsheets or go to our Los Angeles (Hollywood) accommodation page for pictures and details:


Getting around Los Angeles is easy and convenient. The College is within close walking distance of three Metro stations.

For full information about the Metro, including maps, timetables and tips on getting around the city, have a look at the Los Angeles Metro website.

Medical care

When you arrive at Kings Los Angeles, you should register with a local doctor, especially if you are studying for a long time. We can help you do this.

If you feel ill at any time during your stay at Kings Los Angeles, you should first tell a member of staff or your host family. We will be able to help you to see your doctor if needed.

Above all, you should make sure you have full Kings medical insurance during your time in the USA.