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New York

There are few cities in the world as exciting and as celebrated
as New York. Whether it’s history, culture or entertainment
that you want, it’s a place that will never disappoint.

Accommodation options

Our students in New York will benefit from on-campus accommodation at Concordia College.

For more information about accommodation at Concordia, click on the link below to open the Residence factsheet or go to our New York accommodation page for pictures and details.


Getting to and around New York is very easy with the public transport options available. There is an extensive network of buses, trains and subways to get you where you need to be, and over 13,000 taxis operating in the city.

To get from Bronxville to New York take the easiest option is to take the Metro-North's Harlem Line to Grand Central Station.

Medical care

Concordia has a Student Health Center which provides care and treatment for short term illnesses and injuries. For long term illnesses or more serious injuries, students will be referred to a primary care doctor.

Kings staff are also on hand to help you register with a doctor.

Above all, it is compulsory you have full medical insurance during your time in the USA. You can organize for this to be done through us or you will need to provide us with evidence you have alternative insurance.