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University Preparation in the UK

We are committed to ensuring every international student leaves us to achieve success at the best possible university.

It's why each year our students continue to win places at the UK's leading universities. But at Kings, you will not be simply coached for university entry. You will leave us fully equipped to excel throughout your degree and thrive within wider university life.

Student Success in the UK

More Student Stories
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Zixuan Xiong (Summer)

Zixuan (Summer), from China, is studying Economics at the University of Cambridge (ranked No. 1). She took A-levels at Kings Oxford.

"Cambridge is my dream university and it is why I choose to study in the UK. It is considered to be one of the most prestigious institutes of higher learning, and also has a traditionally strong reputation in Economics.

My economics teacher [at Kings] answered my queries in different topics beyond the curriculum range. The school also provided me a mock interview which I found really helpful especially when you have never attended an interview. It helped me gain insight into what is going to happen in an academic interview and made me less nervous.

Kings is a place in which I had a memorable life and met my close friends. I really appreciate the teachers there."

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Timofej Fedotov

Timofej is from Russia and is currently studying for a degree in General Engineering at Oxford University. He took A-levels at Kings Oxford.

"My course director and teachers have played an essential role in my education. They gave me useful hints not only in terms of learning but also in terms of choosing a suitable course and university. Every time I felt like I need extra classes or activities they tried their best to provide me with those."

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Lisys Zaire

Lisys is from Brazil and is currently studying for a degree in International Relations at Loughborough University. 

"[Kings] gave me the basis to come to university, not only the knowledge and academic aspects of it, but also the experience of studying in the UK and dealing with a different system. It all came together at Kings and they orientate you to what you should do, how you should study effectively and (are a) huge support after you finish your course and come to university. They are the reason why I am here"

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Muhammad Muazu

Muhammad is from Nigeria and is studying Aeronautical Engineering at Loughborough University. He took Advanced Level Foundation at Kings London.

"I applied to five universities and received four offers to study aeronautical engineering.

The course has been quite stressful as it’s quite intense, but it’s fine. I think because I’ve already experienced a really intense course here at Kings I won’t be overwhelmed by anything I come across at university.

The CSS module has been helpful because it teaches you how to communicate and the assignments help you know how to do essays at university, also to do presentations in PowerPoint – this will also help in the future." 

Read a full interview with Muhammad on Kings Life.

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Diego Reineck

Diego is from Belgium and is currently studying for a degree in Earth and Environmental Science at Lancaster University. He took the Advanced Level Foundation.

"They (Kings) were very helpful in helping me to apply to UK universities because it’s a completely different system from my country, so my director of studies helped me to write my letter, she checked my grades and she helped me to get in contact with people from this university. ”"

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Melissa Bilambo

Melissa Bilambo is from Congo and is currently studying for a degree in Economics and Management at Durham University. She took the Advanced Level Foundation at Kings Bournemouth.

"I would recommend Kings, especially if you’re not used to the education system in the UK — Kings is a very good bridge for that and it will help you prepare and settle in before having to come to university."

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Artur Begyan

Artur is from Russia and is studying Economics at the University of Warwick. He took A-levels at Kings Bournemouth.

"When I was 12 years old, I wanted to follow a road, which nobody else in my family had taken. I wanted to be exceptional. My dream was to get to one of the top universities in the UK. That is also when I decided to learn English and hopefully come here and get ready for university.

Initially I wanted to study Economics. I was just curious about this subject, I wanted to know why things happen, how the economy functions, not only the global economy but also the micro-economy, the markets. I am also very curious about subjects like computer science and physics. In the future I am planning to combine these subjects to create something new."

Read a full interview with Artur on Kings Life.

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Oscar Hidalgo

Oscar from El Salvador, is studying Actuarial Mathematics at University of Leeds (#11). He took the Advanced Level Foundation at Kings Bournemouth.

"I would definitely recommend Kings — it helps you a lot, especially to be ready for university. The skills that you learn at Kings are way different from the ones that you learn in a normal school. They are really helpful for university."

Read a full interview with Oscar from the time when he was still a Kings Bournemouth student.

Our University Preparation in the UK


Art and Design Preparation Programme

The programme is aimed at students who need to develop their portfolio and/or their language level prior to a main art-related course.


English Preparation

The English Preparation is a one-term programme students can take to strengthen their English before our academic programmes.