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University Pathways in the USA

US universities are ranked amongst the best in the world.

With Kings, you can set your sights higher than you thought possible. With our unique program of academic development and personalized university counselling, our students progress onto some of the best universities in the USA.

Student Success in the USA

More Student Stories
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Davyd Fridman

Davyd Fridman from Ukraine wants to major in Computer Science. He did his first year at Rider University and he has now been accepted at Rice University (#14) as well as University of Michigan (#28) and Boston University (#37).

"The US University system is very different from what we have in the Ukraine. When I had some kind of issue or problem I came to Kings staff on campus and they told me what to do, who to talk to at Rider University".

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Evgeniia Bulatova

Evgeniia Bulatova from Russia did Years 1 and 2 with us and has now been accepted at UCLA (#21), UC Santa Barbara (#37) and UC Riverside (#124).

"I came straight from Russia to the US and I was a bit scared. Kings want to make sure you have a successful future. This is what I wanted from them and they gave me this!

After two years I can see I have more experience and knowledge about what I can do with my future.

You have to study hard but thanks to Kings I got accepted to my dream school."

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Jeonghoon Kim

Jeonghoon from South Korea did Year 1 and 2 with us and has now been accepted by UC Berkeley where he plans to major in Chemistry.

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Hui Shan Tan (Isabel)

Hui Shan Tan (Isabel) did the first two years of her degree with us. She applied to transfer to nine schools and has to date been accepted by seven of them, including University of Michigan (#28) and Pepperdine University (#46) to study Communications.

"Kings helped me a lot in choosing what subjects I needed to take for transfer. A lot of students don't know what subjects can have their credits transferred. I would not have known the process of how to transfer either. I am not American, I don't know how American universities work so Kings really helped me on that."


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Olesya Iosipchuk

Olesya Iosipchuk is from Russia. She did her Year 1 at Rider with us and she has been accepted to the University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill (ranked 30) to major in Biology (Pre-Med).

“When I have some difficulties I could always go to the Kings team on campus and ask for their advice. Based on my results and GPA, they recommended the best university choices.

I was nervous at the beginning but you shouldn't be nervous at all. The American students here at Rider are so helpful. They really like international students and they are really ready to help. And the professors–they are brilliant here."

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Xiaohan Gao

Xiaohan Gao  

"Chris [Progression manager at Kings at Concordia College New York] can answer any question I ask him. Kings helped me get in touch with the schools, help prepare the documents and transcripts the schools require. Kings is good at this.“

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Yurou Liu
from Hong Kong

Yurou Liu is from China and she wants to major in Psychology. She has received offers from the University of Rochester (#34) and University of Wisconsin-Madison (#46).

"America and China have a different education system. I think the studying abroad experience really opened my eyes. You meet different people, meet different cultures and it opens your mind".

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Elizaveta Volnova

Elizaveta is from Russia. After spending her freshman year at Concordia College with us she will be transferring to Boston University (ranked 37) to major in Film and Television. 

"When I started at Concordia with Kings, I thought they were a family of people who wanted the best for me. Everytime I went to a meeting with my advisor, I felt he was really interested in me going to the best school. I got a accepted to Boston University which was my first choice so I am happy about it.

When I heard back from BU I think I just screamed at the top of my lungs because I was so happy I got accepted."

Read a full interview with Elizaveta in Kings Life

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Undergraduate Preparation Program

The Undergraduate Program is aimed at improving English language proficiency to the level required for degree entry at one of our On Campus Plus partner universities.